We exist to equip ministry leaders to overcome barriers through education and technology.

Training pastors in El Salvador


Leaders of Leaders

Equip Leaders of Leaders

Our goal is to help influence the direction and strategy that leaders of leaders use when creating training and resources for ministry leaders. As a ministry, we partner with the leaders of the leaders to help create culturally relevant resources, by effectively leveraging education and technology for use by ministry leaders. The first step in our process begins with the Leaders of Leaders.

Ministry Leaders

Intentionally Influence Ministry Leaders

Leaders who have influence in the community and who work to nurture gospel transformation are those who we call ministry leaders. Ministry leaders can be directly or indirectly involved with ministry activities. For example, they could be leaders of denominations, directors of orphanages, Christian organizational leaders, managers of Christian programs, leaders of schools, seminaries, or universities, business leaders, lay leaders, etc. The guiding factor is that these ministry leaders are seen as a respected individual within the community, and strive to lead others toward a deeper relationship with the Lord.


Witness Gospel Transformation Within Communities

Our end goal is to see communities spiritually transformed. In order to promote this transformation, we work backwards to see what factors will effect change. We see that a major factor in promoting change within a community, are individuals who have influence—those who the community will listen to, respect, and trust. We start by identifying who those leaders are, and how to gain access to training and equipping them. Our focus as outlined in our guiding principles, leads us to work with those leaders who are, or have the potential, to promote gospel-centered transformation. We work with those whose sole focus is to bring glory and honor to God, through intentional nurturing of the gospel.

Our Work

Colombia Learning Centers

Through a several year partnership with ministries located in Colombia, we have been able to provide technical services to many isolated communities. Our staff help equip these locally-led ministries with computers, initial technology set up, and training. The end result is that these centers become a witnessing platform in the community. The main purpose of the Colombia Learning Centers is to provide a place for the community to be exposed to the witness of God. All of the staff are trained to engage on a personal level with the people that come to the center, and to help direct people to online disciple-making tools. Currently, there are six centers in Colombia with future plans for more.

Pastor in El SalvadorHealthy Organization Consultations

It's important to engage the leaders we work with in a high-level strategy about the ministries they lead. Our staff lead one-on-one and group discussions to help leaders identify and overcome challenges that keep their ministries from nurturing transformation. In these consultations, we list out the unique challenges and concerns that ministry leaders may have. We strategize on how to overcome the challenges, and how to achieve what the ideal situation would be. Through prayer, reflection, and action--these leaders take away new insights and methods to help their ministries become more effective-from the inside out.

Cuba PastorsCuba Pastoral Training Workshops

Since first entering Cuba in 2013, our team has seen such a large response to the gospel. Many pastors are eager for training methods they can use to help train other Cuban pastors. In partnership with three other ministries, we trained an initial group of 30 pastors, who then trained an additional 120 pastors, who then trained an additional 1,500 and counting! Our main strategies were using technology (such as CDs, micro SD cards, and tablets) to view, upload, and share digital biblical materials. We also conducted several educational workshops that helped pastors understand how to be a mentor, and encourage other leaders in the church. We praise God for this growing opportunity!