eLearninng Project for Pastors in Venezuela

Venezuela, South America

Enable The Relaunch of The Seminary

By giving today, you are empowering more and more pastors and ministry leaders in Venezuela to receive high quality training in Bible, theology and ministry. This will help them to continue guiding the people of Venezuela who are thirsty for God, His Word and the hope only our Lord can provide them.

SEA is an emblematic Seminary that was founded in 1954 as a Bible Institute. It became a Seminary in 1980. It has trained hundreds of pastors and ministry leaders from different evangelical denominations but had to discontinue operations due to the growing crisis that this beloved country suffers.

Today the ADIEL denomination who leads this seminary, counts with 113 churches with an approximated total attendance of 8,000 people. This denomination has a total of just 80 pastors, out of which only 50% have received training in theology. Many key pastors and leaders have been forced to leave the country in which more than 3 million people have emigrated just in the last few years due to the spiritual, social, economic, political, and humanitarian crisis.

After lots of prayers, God has given the leaders of this seminary the task of continuing the training for pastors and leaders. This includes not only those of their own denomination, but the leaders from different denominations who desperately need this kind of training.

On 2017, God gave them the vision of relaunching the seminary using Distance Education (eLearning). They have talented professors with great knowledge and experience in teaching and ministry in general, but they do not have the educational tools and appropriated technology to develop this eLearning platform.

Edutech Mission is committed to train the instructional designers, course creators, and facilitators for this new way of training. We are also committed to train local technicians and eLearning platform administrators to enable the development of this distance education system that will make a great impact on the growing church of Venezuela and even out of its borders through the internet.

Specialists of our Edutech Mission team in the areas of education, eLearning, technology, and organizational development will be assisting this seminary during the three initial phases with a total duration of one year. Our assistance includes consulting, training, and project development.

At the end of this project the SEA Seminary will count with:

  • 20 professors and facilitators trained as virtual educators
  • 5 technicians trained in the technical aspects of the eLearning platform
  • 3 assistants trained in the administration of the educational platform
  • 1 educational platform that will enable hundreds of pastors and leaders to receive biblical, theological and ministerial training
  • Leadership of the Seminary trained and mentored in organizational aspects of this educational model
  • Access to ongoing advice to ensure the success and sustainability of this educational system

The total cost of this project is US$25,000.00

Project range: January 2019 - December 2019

Would you consider giving to support the relaunch of this seminary in Venezuela?