Leadership training in Africa

Many ministry leaders around the world lack training when it comes to mentoring other leaders in the church. Whether it’s due to finances or not having access to resources, many leaders are left without direction or guidance on how to raise up leaders in their own church, or even leaders in surrounding communities that need a ministry presence.

Last year Edutech Mission was involved in a series of workshops and distance coaching sessions with leaders throughout Africa. The workshops helped attendees develop methods and practices that would disciple those they were mentoring. By working alongside these leaders, they are able to create their own trainings and strategies to reach communities within their own cultural understanding.

One of the workshops took place in an undisclosed region and brought together 16 trainers of trainers who are responsible for mentoring thousands of ministry leaders each year. Their desire is to help the church in Africa become better prepared to stand against persecution.
This team created a pilot project that enables ministry leaders all throughout Africa to develop course writing methods that are suited to help the non-formal grassroots needs within the regions. With this course as a tool, these trainers feel more prepared to serve those who need training materials. Gabriel, a participant of this training shared, “With the new skills that I gained through this workshop, now I know how I can train facilitators for the benefit of the learners, and to our communities––which is our goal, to reach them for effective transformation.”

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