Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) equips leaders with tools and resources to strengthen and multiply healthy churches. Edutech has partnered with them for the past several years, working to create a digital survey tool in their efforts to analyze church health.

Photo by Multiplication Network Ministries

The survey accompanies MNM’s book, ‘Take Your Church’s Pulse,” which provides a way for leaders and members to participate in strengthening and multiplying the Church. When Edutech first began working with MNM, they relied solely on a paper-based survey platform to help them collect answers. Edutech’s developers worked to provide them with a digital platform where the survey was easily accessible, and the data could be stored. By using an open-sourced system called LimeSurvey, Edutech modified it to include some additional features that would better serve MNM’s needs.

This modified system seemed to work for several years; however, technology changes and changes often. The additional features within LimeSurvey were written in PHP, which eventually forced a security upgrade to LimeSurvey. The bad thing was that the upgrade wouldn’t include the original added features.

This time our developer, Brad, decided to take a different approach for a longer-lasting solution. Instead of upgrading the software and rewriting the additional functions, he chose to write a separate system. This new system is independent of LimeSurvey, but will still communicate with it in order to produce surveys and reports.

Now, churches will be able to use the survey tool by emailing a link (available in English and Spanish) to registered church members. Once the survey is completed, leaders within the church can run a report and see the overall results. A potential future feature will include archived data for yearly result comparison.

This survey tool will serve churches throughout the world, who desire to grow stronger through reflection in order to be fruitful and multiply. MNM provides this tool and a PDF version of the book for free on their website.

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