Bible storytelling workshop

Costa Rica Bible storytelling workshop

It’s amazing to see how God speaks to hearts through Bible stories. Through Bible storytelling, oral preferred learners can share God’s Word and principles using methods of scripture memorization, and discussion.

Doris was a participant of a Bible storytelling workshop last year, hosted by Edutech Mission. She shared a dream about when she was teaching in a place, with no materials. “In my dream I was in a far away place and was in the middle of a huge group of children. There were many around 100, and a voice told me to teach them the Word of God. I was worried because I didn’t have anything, no computer, no verses, no books. Then I woke up with a great doubt about what I would do if this happened to me.”

After the dream, Doris asked God about the meaning and for guidance on how to teach classes without materials. Doris thanked the Lord after attending the workshop because to her Bible storytelling is God’s answer to her dream.

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  1. Regina Manley on April 27, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    What will the church look like when every believer is equipped with stories stored in their hearts ready to share in any moment? First, their own story of encountering Jesus. Then several of Jesus, God and the saints…ready to use in multiple situations. Keep up the great work!

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