Central Ministry Focus


We want to see ministry leaders nurturing gospel transformation in their communities. We believe that this starts with the heart of the ministry leader. The first step for us, is to relate with those we work with in order to help them have a deeper relationship with Christ. Our hope is that their renewed relationship with Christ will overflow into their ministry and as a result, into their community. So we talk in person, over the phone, through Skype, at a coffee shop. We get to know the people who the Lord is allowing us to serve.


We listen. We want to learn about context, learning patterns, cultural factors, and social issues that affect transformation. We fill out charts and analyze baseline patterns and then, we determine possible ways to work in partnership. We desire to learn together and to share resources. Theme here: together.


Here, we apply what we’ve learned. Through our variety of services, we customize the content to be as relevant as possible for the leaders. “Equipping” in our terms means that we’ve helped present solutions that are custom-fit for a particular group of people. This could be through a leadership development workshop, a Bible storytelling workshop, a Bible curriculum re-write, implementation of certain technologies, and more. By working with those who are “trainers of trainers” (we sometimes call them TOTs) we maximize the ability to cause a ripple effect of learning and equipping.


Transformation is the result that we hope see in this process. Practically speaking, we want to see more believers have deeper relationships with Christ. As transformation takes place in the community we want to see healthier relationships and stronger churches. As a team, we recognize that our work is part of God’s plan to transform lives of those we work with, by first transforming our hearts. Transformation is central in our team culture and our relationships with others.