What can we learn from young generations in the Bible and the way they do ministry? How can we reflect those ideals in our teachings to upcoming generations?

Youth leadersThere is no denying that there are lots of unanswered questions about the younger generations (specifically the Millennials and Generation Zers). While there are plenty of articles and studies that are circulating about the potential behaviors and traits of these generations, there is still plenty of time for learning and engaging. Challenges that today’s generation face are different than the challenges of prior generations. These differences can leave many who work in youth outreach feeling ill-equipped to reach even peers within their own churches.

Our staff led a four hour workshop with 32 youth leaders with the goal of understanding the current realities that youth face today and how to relate them to similar biblical scenarios and outcomes. The youth leaders read over and discussed the lives of prominent young leaders in the Bible, including Joseph, Samuel, David, Daniel, and Jeremiah.

Since this was the first time we conducted this type of training, our staff were able to learn some of the specific and unique types of challenges that the younger generations face. In learning together, we are able to strengthen our understanding of this topic to more effectively train others in the future.

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