The Bible tells us that it is not enough just to know good, but that we must act on it (James 4:17). This has become engrained in our methods to equip ministry leaders through education and technology. One response to the need for deep transformation that leads to action, is coaching. Coaching is an integral part of developing a leader from knowing to doing by helping people reflect on the Word, and apply it to their lives. Coaching plays a key role in follow up for our Leadership Development Program which centers on a head-heart-hands approach, also referred to as “know-be-do.” It allows our staff to see progress of the leader, but more importantly it shows the leader the significant, transformative changes taking place in their life.

At the end of our training sessions, our staff make themselves available through email, phone, chat, Zoom, etc. for additional questions or training that any participant may have. These times have been fruitful as our staff have seen several people working through some personal issues that have hindered their ability to lead. Throughout our process, we are able to relate and learn to leaders involved with individual coaching, and they are able to focus on overcoming areas of their lives that have affected their ability to make decisions, work with others, and ultimately lead a transformative community. Their self-awareness of the struggles they face and how their situation and solution align with the Word, are key to the process.

The benefits of these coaching sessions have proven to be a valuable tool for our team to learn more about ministry leaders and the struggles they face. We have had the privilege of coaching missionaries, CEOs, trainers, pastors, and others. Our desire is that they will be able to make transformative life changes that will enable them to better nurture Gospel transformation within their communities.

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