Executive Director Mauricio Sanchez, Rosalía Sanchez, Dan Whitehead, Matt Cox (not pictured-Sofía Amador, Brendan Blowers de León, and Harry Botts)

January marked the beginning of many “news” for our team, one of them being that we officially welcomed several new board members to serve as a governing board for Edutech Mission.

The first board meeting of this year was held at our new office location in Orlando, Florida. The group discussed several key factors of the strategic plan, and challenges for this year. We are honored to have such experienced partners join the mission of equipping ministry leaders to nurture Gospel transformation in their communities.

Dan Whitehead—Dan currently serves with Mission Aviation Fellowship in their affiliate program, Alas de Socorro del Ecuador (ADSE) in Ecuador. He and his wife, Tracey first began their mission service in 1993, where they were stationed in Nicaragua then later to Venezuela, and Ecuador. Throughout the years Dan has served as program and regional director, all while using his musical skills to help lead worship and participate as a Sunday school teacher at their local church.

“In an increasingly global and technical world, Edutech Mission is positioned to make significant impact for God’s Kingdom as they equip ministry leaders in education and technology.” –Dan

Matt Cox—Matt graduated Moody Bible Institute with a B.S. in Missionary Aviation, in his response to the calling to pursue missions. He and his wife became a missionary pilot couple with Mission Aviation Fellowship in 1999. They were first assigned to Venezuela, and then were reassigned to Mexico. After they returned to the states under the Lord’s direction, Matt began flying for the airline industry.

“Edutech Mission is engaging ministry leaders in a way that is sustainable, and transforming. Through education and technology they are equipping leaders, to equip others.”—Matt

Sofía Amador— Sofía has been involved in Edutech Mission since before it was formally established. She has many accomplishments in her experiences as board member of TeenSmart, and PROMETA, and is the founder and director of EducArte, Educational Consulting. She currently serves as the IB and Curriculum Coordinator at Marian Baker School. She and her husband reside in San Isidro, Heredia Province north of San José, Costa Rica.

“Edutech mission plays a key role in fulfillment of the Great Commission by communicating God’s Word to “all nations.” (Matthew 28:19)” —Sofía

Brendan Blowers de León—Brendan grew up between Idaho in the U.S. and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He lived and worked in Costa Rica from 2008-2014 where he helped ministries use technology to train church leaders and reach out to youth in isolated and marginalized areas. During his time in Costa Rica, Brendan spent eight months in intensive language courses, learning formal and conversational Spanish. Brendan and his wife now live in Nampa, Idaho where he works as a Network Administrator.

“I am honored to participate in the Edutech Mission’s effort to connect people across cultures, distance, and difference because I believe it is through this process of accompanying others along the journey that lasting transformation is made.” –Brendan

Harry Botts—Harry grew up in Oklahoma and Kansas, where he grew interested in missions after hearing stories of missionaries at Christian camps, at Urbana, and other mission conferences. He recently spent time studying an intensive Spanish language course in Costa Rica, and was involved in door to door evangelism in Cuba, with a small group from his church. He currently works for a Canadian equipment company providing financial services to over the western half of the U.S.

“As we individually attempt to live out the Great Commission, we have the chance to equip others to do so through Edutech…not withholding good, when it is within our power to help (Proverbs 3:27)” —Harry

We are blessed to have such dedicated servants on our board, as all of them have spent several years in the Lord’s service. Please join us in welcoming and praying for the next steps of Edutech Mission, and for the guidance and leadership of the board.

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