Computer Learning Centers in Colombia

“I think this [is] the Lord’s answer for me. I didn’t see myself preaching or singing at church and I asked the Lord what I could do to serve him. Then the church offered me this opportunity,” Said Johanna.

Johanna is a manager for a computer learning   center in a rural town in northern Colombia. Edutech Mission trained her and other local staff, after installing the technology and getting the center up and running. Johanna’s role is to assist the community in using the technology resources that have been donated. The center shares biblical resources including the Jesus Film, the Bible in many versions, pictures, and discipleship lessons. The purpose of these centers is to give people a place to be in community and to learn about the gospel from digital resources.

“I feel closer to the community, mostly with the children and youth. I spend time with them, helping with homework and I tell them that God loves them. After their homework is done, instead of checking social media or playing a game, I encourage them to watch a Christian video.”

Placement of the centers is very important to our staff and ministry partners. Many of the centers are located in high-risk areas––with prostitution, drug distribution, and armed groups. After initial setup and staff training, the centers are locally-led in collaboration with another ministry that oversees operations of all the centers located in Colombia, Cuba, and Costa Rica.


  1. Dickson on April 11, 2018 at 4:58 pm

    Hello and praise Jesus. Is this possible to do this for a church in Kenya Nairobi. Do you help to set up such centre?

    • Glenda Detrinidad on April 17, 2018 at 4:28 pm

      Hello Dickson! We’d love to work and help in Nairobi. Please, write a formal request of services to We’ll be glad to hear from you. Blessings in the Lord!

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