Sustainable Solutions

Computer Learning Centers

“I think this [is] the Lord’s answer for me. I didn’t see myself preaching or singing at church and I asked the Lord what I could do to serve him. Then the church offered me this opportunity,” Said Johanna. Johanna is a manager for a computer learning   center in a rural town in northern Colombia.…

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Bible Storytelling in Cuba

Many churches around the world suffer from the lack of ministry resources. Whether there’s a lack of Bibles, training, or staff, church leaders struggle to find ways to meet the needs of the community. Last September two staff members traveled to Cuba to train 55 leaders and pastors in Bible storytelling. Bible storytelling is a…

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Transforming training in Africa

Many ministry leaders around the world lack training when it comes to mentoring other leaders in the church. Whether it’s due to finances or not having access to resources, many leaders are left without direction or guidance on how to raise up leaders in their own church, or even leaders in surrounding communities that need…

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