Organizational Development

Leadership Coaching

The Bible tells us that it is not enough just to know good, but that we must act on it (James 4:17). This has become engrained in our methods to equip ministry leaders through education and technology. One response to the need for deep transformation that leads to action, is coaching. Coaching is an integral…

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Online Education in Missions

-elevating effectiveness through eLearning- Access to online biblical resources has become a discipleship tool for ministries everywhere. For many, online biblical resources are the only option they have for pursuing formal or non-formal theological training. Many of the ministries Edutech Mission works with serve students who desire theological training, but find it challenging to find…

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Edutech Mission Welcomes New Board Members

January marked the beginning of many “news” for our team, one of them being that we officially welcomed several new board members to serve as a governing board for Edutech Mission. The first board meeting of this year was held at our new office location in Orlando, Florida. The group discussed several key factors of…

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