Bible Storytelling

Beginner’s Orality Workshop in Cuba

It’s exciting when multiple ministry leaders from different churches come together to learn and discuss new ways of sharing the gospel. The most recent Basic Bible Storytelling workshop was presented in Caimito, Cuba, where 16 participants met with our staff to discuss how to train the church with a practical, biblical, and multi-generational tool for…

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Storytelling in a Dream

It’s amazing to see how God speaks to hearts through Bible stories. Through Bible storytelling, oral preferred learners can share God’s Word and principles using methods of scripture memorization, and discussion. Doris was a participant of a Bible storytelling workshop last year, hosted by Edutech Mission. She shared a dream about when she was teaching…

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Bible Storytelling in Cuba

Many churches around the world suffer from the lack of ministry resources. Whether there’s a lack of Bibles, training, or staff, church leaders struggle to find ways to meet the needs of the community. Last September two staff members traveled to Cuba to train 55 leaders and pastors in Bible storytelling. Bible storytelling is a…

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