Board of Directors

Board of Director, Dan Whitehead

Dan Whitehead, President

Dan was born in Washington but grew up in rural Iowa. He was blessed to grow up in a Christian home where his early life revolved around small-town community life, church, school, and farming. Dan attended Central College in Pella, Iowa and there earned a B.A. in music and later became a part of a Christian music organization called The Continental Singers. He spent almost five years touring with this group, first as a vocalist and later as a tour director. The tours led him overseas where he met many missionaries and began to feel that God was asking him to consider missions.

Dan had learned to fly during high school and college, and was excited to learn that there were missionary aviation organizations using aircraft to share the gospel in hard to reach areas. With that goal in mind, he returned to Moody Bible Institute and graduated from the missionary aviation program. During that time he also married his wife Tracey, whom he had met on a Continentals Singers tour. They soon afterward applied with Mission Aviation Fellowship and were accepted and assigned to serve in Latin America where they have since served in Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Ecuador for 26 years.

In addition to being a pilot/mechanic, Dan has served as an instructor pilot, program manager, regional director, and lately as COO during their time with MAF. They have three grown children, and just welcomed their second grandchild into the family.

Board of Director, Matt Cox

Matt Cox, Board Member

Matt met Christ at a Vacation Bible School at age 12, where he began his walk with the Lord. Growing up in a non-believing home, Matt was discipled by his youth pastor and made a commitment to teach at his churches’ backyard Bible club for children during his summer breaks in high school. He attended Moody Bible Institute in response to his calling to pursue missions and graduated with a B.S. in Missionary Aviation. It was at Moody that Matt met his wife Megan, as she also had a call from the Lord to serve in missions and teaching. The couple married in October 1999 and moved to California to join Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).

They began their service in Costa Rica, where they underwent intensive language courses, then moved to Venezuela for their first assignment with MAF. It was here that the couple met Mauricio Sanchez and his family. After a year of serving in Venezuela, Matt and his wife were reassigned to Mexico and shortly afterward, they returned to the U.S. under the Lord’s direction.

Since returning to the U.S., they have relocated to Florida and Matt is currently working as a pilot in the airline industry. He shares, “The airline industry is a different mission field than I had originally anticipated, but one that is important all the same.” Megan teaches middle school English and they have three children that they are bringing up as ambassadors for the King.

Board of Director, Sofia Amador

Sofia Amador, Secretary

Sofia was born and raised in Costa Rica. She has been a part of Edutech Mission long before it was formally established. She is a founding member and has sat on the Board of Edutecnologia, a pre-Edutech Mission ministry board since 2007. She also sits on other mission boards, including TeenSmart (2010-2014), PROMETA (2011-2013), and is the founder and Director of EducArte, Educational Consulting (2012-Present).

Along with her extensive experience in ministry, Sofia has also earned several educational degrees in her years of service. She graduated from the University of Costa Rica with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Teaching English as a Foreign Language in 1981. From there she went on to achieve three other degrees from Framingham State University (Master’s Degree in General Education, and Educational Leadership) and La Salle University (Doctor of Education, Ed.D). While using these degrees to serve, she has applied them to several jobs, of which she is currently the IB and Curriculum Coordinator at Marian Baker School.

Sofia and her husband of 46 years, Alex, now live in San Isidro, Heredia Province north of San José, capital city about 30 minutes from San José. They have four children ages 44 (boy and girl twins), 37 and 32, and six grandchildren. Two of their sons live in the U.S. (Atlanta, Georgia and Boulder, Colorado) and one son and daughter live in Costa Rica.

Board of Director, Brendan Blowers

Brendan Blowers De León,

Board Member

Brendan grew up between Idaho in the U.S. and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He lived and worked in Costa Rica from 2008-2014, assisting ministries that use technology to train church leaders and reach out to youth in isolated and marginalized areas. During his time in Costa Rica, Brendan spent eight months in intensive language courses, learning formal and conversational Spanish.

His interest of learning how technology can help tell stories and connect people across physical distance and cultural barriers formed a basis for his undergraduate degree in Mass Communications and an MA in Applied Anthropology. More recently, Brendan taught a class about the History of Anthropology at Northwest Nazarene University.

Brendan currently works as a Network Administrator in Nampa, Idaho where he and his wife Emely live, along with their mini-schnauzer "Pye poud" (Powderfoot).

Harry Botts, Board Member

Harry Botts, Treasurer

Harry grew up in Oklahoma and Kansas, where he came to Christ when he was 10 years old. As a child he grew interested in missions after hearing stories of missionaries at Christian camps, at Urbana, and other mission conferences. After earning his engineering degree and working for 10 years in the U.S., he left to spend two years in Europe and Algeria studying and helping missionary friends.

After returning to the U.S., Harry continued his career in equipment and then after getting his MBA, financial sales. He recently spent time studying an intensive Spanish language course in Costa Rica, and was involved in door to door evangelism in Cuba, with a small group from his church. He currently works for a Canadian equipment company providing financial services to the western half of the U.S.

Harry lives in Oklahoma and has two sons and now two daughters-in-laws, since both of his sons were married in 2017!