Bible storytelling in Cuba

Many churches around the world suffer from the lack of ministry resources. Whether there’s a lack of Bibles, training, or staff, church leaders struggle to find ways to meet the needs of the community. Last September two staff members traveled to Cuba to train 55 leaders and pastors in Bible storytelling. Bible storytelling is a great way to teach others God’s Word, using only stories and discussion. This method is used by ministries around the world to share Scriptures with those who either lack access to the Bible, or who are preferred oral learnersincluding those who are illiterate.

Bible storytelling has been adopted into many of the ministries Edutech Mission has trained in Cuba. In one location, the method is being used by families, Sunday school teachers, and community leaders. Thanks to the training they received, they were able to start something called “The Family Altar.” It’s a way for the fathers to teach the Bible to their children. Community leaders are using it to share God’s Word with the homeless and those fighting addiction.

In another location, church leaders and youth participated in the workshop to help start an evangelism program for kids in the local neighborhoods. Trainings like these are often only available in larger towns or cities. Because of Edutech Mission’s focus on reaching less-accessible areas, the pastor was grateful for the opportunity to have the training done in her town.

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