Beginner's Orality Workshop

Beginner’s Orality Workshop

It’s exciting when multiple ministry leaders from different churches come together to learn and discuss new ways of sharing the gospel. The most recent Basic Bible Storytelling workshop was presented in Caimito, Cuba, where 16 participants met with our staff to discuss how to train the church with a practical, biblical, and multi-generational tool for sharing the gospel in a small group setting.

Throughout this workshop, the ministry leaders learn seven basic steps to help them facilitate discussion among a group who are reading and discussing a Bible story. They also learn tips for memorization, including how to act out certain parts of the story-and how to repeat the story in various ways that allows the group to easily remember the whole story. The workshop generally consists of these steps:

  1. Presentation of a Story with One Person – A Narrator / Facilitator
  2. Presentation of a Story with Two People – A Narrator and a Facilitator
  3. Learning the 7 Steps of the Basic Method
  4. Learning Memorization
  5. Learning Two Types of Questions: Observation and Application
  6. Preparation of a story
  7. Presentation of a story

Using these practices, Bible storytelling and discussion has been a very effective and easy to use tool for many of the ministry leaders that we work with. Because the method is easy to repeat and share with others, this method quickly becomes a tool for not only ministry within the church, but also for family devotions, neighborhood outreach programs, one-on-one sharing, and more.

One of the participants shared: “”Today, thanks to God-I was able to share the story of Matthew’s call in the church. Every question is very good since everyone participates, thanks for allowing me to participate. It was a very blessed time because this method [orality] reaches the mind and heart of the listeners.” Another couple is considering putting it into practice in their Vacation Bible School program.

Click here to read more about Bible storytelling.


  1. Kenn Pike on April 28, 2018 at 12:42 am

    This is interesting and exciting, especially the post about Doris’ dream. May God continue to bless many through all you do. The last line in the post about Beginner’s Orality Workshop in Cuba says “Click here to read more about Bible storytelling,” but there is nothing to click on.

    • Chelsie on May 14, 2018 at 4:11 pm

      Hi Kenn, thanks for your comment! We’ve fixed the link, sorry about that!

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