Our Story

The history of Edutech Mission initially began in 2000 as a limited three-year project of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). As a response to the rise in technology to reach isolated people with the love of Jesus, MAF approved an initial project to take distance learning methods and digital resources to the Russian-speaking world.

After three years of distributing biblical materials on CDs and hard drives, MAF saw the need to pursue a more developed department. This department would focus on using technology to reach and train ministry leaders who lacked access to biblical materials. What started off as an initial three-year project, became a full time effort. The name appropriately chosen for the department was MAF-Learning Technologies.

This department developed new partnerships, technologies, and training to help reach isolated people with the gospel. Some projects led to customized technology solutions including: Estante-an offline library for biblical material, Lumin-a user-friendly e-learning development tool, and StoryFire-a Bible storytelling and discussion guide for leaders.

In 2007 MAF established a Learning Technologies team in San Jose, Costa Rica for continuing to serve the Latin region with technology and training. In addition to several Latin countries including Cuba, MAF used technology and training to serve Papua New Guinea, Africa, Australia, India, The Philippines, Brazil, and a few restricted-access countries.

Early in 2015, MAF’s leadership began discussing the best future path for this department-to continue within an already established aviation ministry, or as a separate and independent ministry. Through prayerful consideration, MAF leadership determined that this department would grow best as an independent extension. Learning Technologies would launch and become an affiliate, with a new name and renewed vision.

The new name “Edutech Mission” was established in late 2015, and the mission focus was created: to see every ministry leader nurturing gospel resources in their communities using education and technology.

As of early 2017, Edutech Mission is in the process to receive a 501c3 non profit status.

History of Edutech Mission: Learning Technologies in Russia 2000
Learning Technologies in Russia, 2000
Estante Digital Library
Estante Digital Library
History of Edutech Mission: Audio Bibles
Audio Bibles in Latin America