Transforming Communities

Through Growing Leaders

Our Focus

Leadership development

Leadership Development

Edutech Mission works with ministries and organizations that are actively training and mentoring influential ministry leaders around the world. Through local workshops and distance coaching, organizations are able to effectively train those who are responsible for training others, creating what we call a “multiplication effect” (2 Tim. 2:2). Our staff are equipped to help organizations identify and develop healthy leadership skills to serve and train others more effectively.

Sustainable solutions

Sustainable Community Solutions

One of our values as a ministry is the acknowledgement that God has brought together a multiethnic team for the purpose of serving a multiethnic world (1 Cor. 12:12-13). This opportunity allows us to develop custom educational and technological solutions based on cultural relevancy. What works well in some communities will not work in others, challenging our team to find methods that work in the society we are serving. Our methods are easy to reproduce, enabling local leaders to “own” the content.

Access to ministry resources

Access to Ministry Resources

Many ministry leaders throughout the world lack access to biblical materials. Some cannot safely share resources, and others are preferred oral learners. Through partnerships, our team has developed several strategies to help isolated leaders get access to ministry resources through education and technology including setting up infrastructure for computer learning centers, and teaching the Bible through oral communications. These strategies help equip even the most isolated to receive God’s Word.

Our Work

Ministry leader training

Training Workshops

We want all ministry leaders to be equipped to nurture gospel transformation in their communities. This we believe, starts with the leader and their relationship with Christ and with others. Our workshops help leaders develop competencies that allow them develop as a leader, and to train others in the best way possible. Read more...

Bible Storytelling

Bible Storytelling

Studies show that 80% of the world are preferred oral learners. That means that approximately 5.7 billion people learn through non-print types of communications. We work with all levels of education, from all around the world in order to equip individuals and groups to engage with stories from the Bible, to apply Jesus’ teaching to their own lives, and to disciple others. Read more...

Computer learning center

Computer Centers

Technology is so readily available in most of our homes today, however a significant amount of people still lack access to modern technology. Our team helps connect ministries with infrastructure solutions that help give them access to more resources that help them in their mission. Read more...

“With the new skills that I gained through this workshop, now I know how I can train facilitators for the benefit of the learners, and to our communities––which is our goal, to reach them for effective transformation.”

“I think this [is] the Lord’s answer for me. I didn’t see myself preaching or singing at church and I asked the Lord what I could do to serve him. Then the church offered me this opportunity,” Said Johanna.